Why TPS?

Why Tiffany Piano Studio?

Students enrolled at Tiffany Piano Studio get private lessons with highly experienced teachers who curtail lessons to the individual students. Our studio offers opportunities to participate in summer camps, winter camps, incentive programs, and two recitals a year. Students who study at a music school receive a more well-rounded music education. No matter if lessons are in your home or at our school, being part of a musical community is extremely motivating!

A Solid Foundation

From a student’s first lesson, we strive to give our students the best curriculum and experiences based on their interests. At the first lesson, we ask all of our students “What do you want to learn?” Our students begin reading music around the second-third month of lessons. We believe that lessons should be a balance of note reading, ear training, and FUN. Along with private lessons, we encourage all students to participate in our recitals. We want our students to understand that our recitals are relaxed and FUN.

At Tiffany Piano Studio, students have the opportunity to participate in our Rhapsody Rewards , which is a motivating ribbon and trophy program that motivates students to continue with their lessons. Along with Rhapsody Rewards, we have Proficiency Awards for students. We make sure all of our students learn theory and technique with our Proficiency Awards.  These rewards and proficiency tests give our students goals that keep them motivated for years.

Experienced Teachers

We pride ourselves in having only the best teachers Los Angeles has to offer. We believe in quality over quantity. All of our teachers have 5+ years teaching experience, university degrees in music, and are talented musicians in addition to kind, caring human beings.

FUN Environment

With our approach to lessons “You choose the songs you want to learn,” our community of families, professional teachers, and outstanding facilities, students have fun! Our helpful front desk staff is always available to assist students and families with information about lessons, practice tips, and more. We are one of the only schools that offer the option to have lessons at our professional storefront location. Our studio location has three practice rooms fully equipped with pianos and guitars. Enjoy a cup of coffee and something to read in our comfortable waiting area. We believe in giving back to the community.  At SOVA food pantry, A Window Between Worlds, and Musicians on Call, we love being involved.

Assessments and Performances

TPS offers performance and assessment opportunities that outdo any other music school in our area. Recital opportunities are in no way required of any student, but we believe there is a lot of value to participating in recitals.

Group Classes

Our group classes offer students more flexibility with their schedules but the same opportunities to learn an instrument. Group classes often end in “jam time,” giving students the chance to play together with others.

Convenience For Busy Families

No time to sit in L.A. traffic, no problem. TPS offers lessons in-home for students over the age of 10. This cuts down on hours spent in the car. If there are siblings you can schedule multiple lessons simultaneously so that lessons start and end at the same time.


Students can call or email us at any time and expect a speedy response. Our families stay well informed of all TPS events, opportunities, discounts, and performances through email newsletters, Facebook,  and Instagram.