It Only Takes 10 Minutes Every Day


I know it doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s true. 10 minutes of practice 5-6 days a week over the course of a few years WILL lead to great results. Length of time practicing is not as important as consistency.

Rhapsody Rewards and Proficiency Awards

Students have school work, sports, jobs, and many other activities. Dedicating yourself to learning an instrument takes immense concentration and continual practice. We have many incentive programs to help keep students on track. There’s no need for parents to remind students to practice.


Students start to regress when they miss more than two weeks in a row of lessons. This is why continuing lessons is so important!


We want to celebrate you every step of the way. Rhapsody Rewards is our ribbon and trophy incentive program. Every 3 months or so students will receive a ribbon to celebrate their continued commitment to taking lessons. Students receive a trophy when they hit their year anniversaries.


Proficiency awards are given to students when they achieve certain milestones in their music education. These exams cover theory, technique, ear training, and more.

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Bailey Tiffany Piano Studio- Music Lessons in Los Angeles

Fall Music Recital

Nov 10, 2019

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Summer Music Recital

August 4, 2019


Spring Music Recital

March 24, 2019

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