Tiffany Piano Studio- Music Lessons in West Los Angeles



Lessons are sold in monthly packages. This will secure your weekly time on your teacher’s schedule. We accept debit or credit card only- Visa or Mastercard. Once payment has been received, your lesson day and time will be confirmed. Teachers never handle payment or scheduling. This is always handled by the studio.


We send invoices out on the third week of the month for the following month. This allows you a week to check your schedule and let us know if you need to cancel or reschedule any lessons for the upcoming month.

On the last lesson of the month, your credit card will be charged for the following month of lessons. Payment is auto-renew. You must let us know if you want to discontinue lessons. Tuition is billed automatically every month to the credit card we have on file.

Any books or music purchased for the student will be added to your bill. If payment is not received on the last lesson of the month, your spot will be given away to another student on our waiting list.

Tiffany Piano Studio- Music Lessons in Los Angeles
Tiffany Piano Studio- Music Lessons in Los Angeles



Cancellation notice must be given 24 hours in advance of your scheduled lesson time. If notice is given any later or not at all you will be charged the full amount. If the student is ill and you cancel after the 24 hour notice, you will be charged. Three consecutive cancellations or no notices will result in automatic termination of any further lessons. If you reschedule your lesson for another day or time less than 24 hr. from your scheduled lesson, you will be billed for both lessons.


If notice is given 24 hours in advance you will not be charged and will receive a credit on next month’s bill. Lessons and make up lessons may be rescheduled for different times. Credits that you acquire from canceled lessons must be used with in 2 weeks.

You may cancel your lessons indefinitely at anytime. Any unused lessons will be refunded to you. To CANCEL or RESCHEDULE your lesson please call, email, or text the studio.


You must contact the STUDIO, to cancel or reschedule your lessons. The teachers do not handle scheduling or payments. If you have any questions please call, text, or email.