Music Summer Camp 2019

Summer Music Camp

Summer Music Camp 2019

Join us this summer for music, games, karaoke, relay races and more! No musical knowledge is necessary to participate at camp.


Enrollment is open to students and non-students ages 5 and up. All campers will learn to play a song on the piano in one week.


Typical Schedule:
9:00 am Camper Drop Off- crafts
9:30 am Practice Time- choose new songs
10:00 am Music History
10:30 am Music History Project
11:00 am Relay Races
11:30 am Music Theory/Review
12:00 pm Lunch
12:30 pm New craft
1:00 pm Relay Races, Park
1:30 pm New Instrument- Teacher Performance
2:00 pm Practice time on new instrument
2:30 pm Practice Time/Games
3:00 pm Campers picked up



Campers will learn to play a song on the piano, read notes, rhythms, music history. Camp includes trips to the park and library.


Located at 1800 S. Robertson Blvd., Ste.7, Los Angeles, 90035.


Last day of camp ends with a Camper Concert!