When are you closed?

Do you give trial lessons? I'm not sure if I want to commit to a month of lessons.

No, we do not give trial lessons. We understand you may not be ready to commit to a month of lessons so you may cancel your lessons at any time. If you want to discontinue your lessons after the first one, please contact us & let us know. We will arrange for you to work with another teacher or we will refund you all unused lessons for the month.

How do I get started?

You can call or email the studio and we will pair you with a teacher that fits your musical interests and schedule. 747-200-5772 info@tiffanypianostudio.com

What if I don't like my teacher?

It’s rare that this happens but if you are not connecting with your teacher, we will work to reassign you with a teacher that best fits your personality and needs.

Do you teach 4 year olds?

We only accept students age 6 and older for private music classes. We have found a few keys to making sure students get the most out of private music instruction and those include: knowing the alphabet & how to count, sub-dividing rhythm, fine motor skills, attending school and understanding the teacher/student relationship, and being able to stay seated and focused for at least 30 minutes.

Please contact us for our FREE pamphlet “5 things you should know before signing up for music lessons.”

How much do lessons cost?

Please visit our “Prices” page.

What if I don't wish to continue after my first lesson and I paid for a month of lessons?

Let us know that you don’t want to continue lessons and we will refund you any unused lessons.

How often are lessons? Can I come in twice a week?

We recommend lessons once a week. If you wish to come in more often you are welcome to do so.

Can I pay for my lessons when I come in for my first lesson?

No. Your lesson day and time is not confirmed until we receive payment. We do not offer walk-ins.  You must pay for your lessons first to guarantee a spot with your teacher.

What is your reschedule/cancellation policy?

We have a strict 24 hour cancelation policy. We ask students to please be consistent with attendance since you are reserving a place in your teacher’s calendar that is unavailable to other students.

If you are sick on the day of your lesson please let us know, but kindly understand that our 24 hour cancellation policy applies. Since it would be too late to offer your spot to another student, you would still be charged for the lesson.

If you missed the 24 hour cancelation time and want to reschedule your lesson for another day and time, you may do so. Please understand that you will still be charged for the lesson you missed and you will also be charged for the make up lesson.

If you cancel your lesson 24 hours or more before your scheduled lesson time you will not charged for that lesson. If you’ve already paid for the canceled lesson, you will receive a credit on next month’s bill. If you reschedule your lesson 24 hours before your scheduled time there will be no extra charge.

How does payment work?

We send invoices out on the third week of the month for the following month. This allows you a week to look it over and let us know if you need to cancel or reschedule any lessons for the upcoming month. On the last lesson of the month, your credit card will be charged for the following month of lessons. Payment is auto- renew. You must let us know before your last lesson in the month if you want to discontinue lessons.

What if I forgot that I will be out of town next month and you already sent me my invoice and charged my card?

As long as you contact us 24 hours in advance of your lesson you can cancel it and receive a credit or refund. If you want to reschedule your lesson to another day that’s fine too. Make sure you contact us 24 hours in advance of your scheduled time.

Do you do recitals?

Yes. We put together two recitals a year in the spring and fall. Everyone is invited to attend and participate. It’s free thanks to our partnership with Steinway Pianos. Students of all ages and levels are encouraged to participate. Our recitals are very laid back and fun. You don’t have to memorize your music unless you want to. If it’s your first time and you’d feel more comfortable with your teacher with you, that’s fine too! We clap and cheer for everyone and then eat cake!

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes! Please click here for Gift Certificates.   Send us an email & let us know how many you would like to purchase and for whom. We will personalize your gift certificate and email it to you. The recipient can email or call us to set up their day and time for lessons.

Where are you located?

We are located right next door to Baskin Robbins in the Beverlywood Center. 1800 S. Robertson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90035.

Our Westwood location only has two teachers and has been completely booked for over two years. At this time we are not accepting any students at this location and we are not keeping a wait list.

We do offer In-Home lessons as well.

How often should I remind my child to practice?

We recommend that as a parent you do not remind students to practice. It’s up to them to remember and to go through their homework on their own. Yes, most of our students are very good at keeping up with this, even the 6 year olds! A gentle reminder once a week is good, but a reminder every day is probably too much.

How often should I practice?

Every day. The length of time is not as important as the consistency of days.

Beginners ages 6-10                                           5-10 minutes a day

Intermediate students or beginner adults          10-20 minutes a day

Advanced students                                             20-60 minutes a day

What are practice boxes?

These are boxes that all teachers use to keep track of the how often students are practicing. Different teachers have different rewards but usually for every 2-3 boxes (days) you check for practicing,  you receive one “musical dollar.” These dollars are turned in for treats, crafts, and stickers later on.

What should I bring to my lesson?

Every student, no matter what instrument they are learning, should bring a notebook of paper. The teachers write down all assignments, practice boxes, and use the notebooks to teach note reading.

Voice students are encouraged to bring an iPod or smart phone. This way you can record your lesson. If you don’t have any of these items, it’s ok. Your teacher will record your lesson and email it to you to practice with.

If you have any sheet music or books you already practice from please bring them in.

If you have a song on your iPod or phone that you would like to learn please bring it in and let your teacher know.

How long are lessons?

Lessons are 1 hour or a half hour long.

We recommend that all students take an hour long lesson. This ensures that they progress at a speed that keeps them motivated and interested in lessons. Don’t worry, even the younger students (6-8 year olds) take hour long lessons. The teachers spend time reviewing old songs, going over note reading, playing with flashcards, using the board game, using apps on their phones/iPads as teaching tools, and drawing games in student’s notebooks. The whole hour is not spent practicing their instrument.

If you take a half hour lesson many of these teaching tools are not used or are used less often since there is less time to focus on these activities.

My teacher told me he would be gone next week so I didn't show up for my lesson. Why was I still charged for this lesson?

Teachers do not handle the schedule and do not have access to it. If your teacher is going to be out of town you will have a substitute teacher. Your lesson is not cancelled unless the school contacts you or you contact us. We will do our best to reschedule your time with your teacher to make up for their absence. If we can not move your lesson, please show up at your normal scheduled time.

I told my teacher I wouldn't be coming in the following week? Why did I still get charged for this lesson since I cancelled it well before the 24 hr. deadline?

Teachers do not handle the schedule and do not have access to it. You must contact the school to cancel or reschedule any lessons. If you do not inform the school that you need to cancel your lessons, you are still on the schedule and your teacher will show up. You may call, text, or email the studio at ANY time.

When are you closed?

We are closed on the following dates:

1/21 Martin Luther King

5/27 Memorial Day

6/12 Summer Lessons Begin

7/4 Fourth Of July

8/4 Fall Lessons Begin

9/3 Labor Day

11/12 Veterans Day

11/22-11/23 Thanksgiving

12/23-1/04 Winter Break 

Substitute Teachers

If your regular teacher is unable to make your lesson, a qualified substitute teacher will be provided. All of our teachers are familiar with studio practices and policies and will make lessons fun and engaging, ensure that the students learn a song of their choice, and implement fun motivational programs like music money and games.

Where do I buy my books and music?

All books and music will be provided by your teacher and billed on your next invoice. Any music copies made at the studio have a flat fee of $1/song, no matter how many pages your song is.