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Cofounded and led The Spinning Wheels, a ten piece funk-rock band


Performed in renowned venues, festivals and theaters such as Camellot, Tmuna, Enav Center, Eilat’s “Woodstock” festival and in the “Guitar in the Desert” festival. 


Critically acclaimed pieces performed by Zahi Solski, Itamar Zorman and the Erato Trio.


Composed and produced original music for multiple films and projects including:

Bravo TV Vanderpump Rules

ABC Modern Family

CW The Ringer

ABC Family Jane by Design

Lifetime The Protector

TV Land The Exes

Piano/ guitar lessons in West Los Angeles and Culver City

Ayal Vishnitzer was born and raised in a small village in Israel’s south coast. He worked on village farms as he learned to play the guitar and played with several local Israeli bands. Like almost every Israeli, at the age of 18, he went to the army and served 3 years in the artillery forces. After 3 years of intense army life, he moved to Tel Aviv and studied in Israel’s top music school – Rimon. In Rimon, he delved deeper into the guitar, studied both classic and modern composition, and explored the piano and orchestral instruments. He regularly took part as a composer, guitarist, and producer in concerts and music competition finals.


In 2009 Ayal was awarded a scholarship to the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston where he earned a bachelor degree in Film Scoring and graduated Magana Cum Laude. While at Berklee, Ayal composed dozens of pieces, scores, and songs for short films and concerts. His pieces have been honored in performance at the esteemed Kalisto Chamber Orchestra concert, the Society of Composers concerts, and were also presented in a unique concert of original compositions performed by the esteemed Boston Conservatory and Berklee musicians.


Ayal has been teaching guitar and ensemble classes for over 15 years. He enjoys inspiring young students to play and develop musical skills that will last a lifetime. Ayal knows that teaching beginner students means you have to be supportive, friendly, and encouraging every step of the way. He’s always reassessing the student’s goals and seeing what types of new songs will help them achieve these goals.

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