Cece Wen

Cece Wen Tiffany Piano Studio- Music Lessons in Los Angeles



Masters degree from New York University


Winner of the Laureat in Donne in Musica XII International Composition Contest (women in music.)


Commissioned by NYU Symphony Orchestra


Composed for over 20 games


Nominated works in: Chinese American Film Festival, NYC Indie Film Awards, and LA Cinefest.


Piano/Guitar/Songwriting lessons in Los Angeles and Beverlywood

Xilan (Cece) Wen is a film composer and songwriter. A native of China, Cece graduated from New York University with a Master’s degree in scoring for film and multimedia. She has been teaching students of all ages for over ten years. She is very passionate about teaching students the fundamentals of music. With her strong interest in game music, she always encourages students to seek out the music that inspires them. A connection is made when students practice music that they love.


Cece won Laureat in Donne in Musica (women in music) XII international composition contest in 2015. She was commissioned by NYU Symphony Orchestra while still a student at NYU, for composing and conducting live recording sessions. Her music for film has been nominated to many film festivals including Chinese American Film Festival, NYC Indie Film Awards, LA Cinefest, etc. Cece is a multi-instrumentalist playing piano & guitar, and currently a keyboardist in the Los Angeles based rock band Angry Donkey.



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