1 Month Trial- Risk FREE!

Students will receive four 30 minute lessons at our studio location over the course of 30 days. There are no up front fees or cancelation penalties. However, you may be asked to pay for a book or other materials if they are used during the lessons.


After 30 days we guarantee you’ll love your lessons or pay nothing. We will pair you up with the perfect instructor who meets your needs and works with your schedule.


If you would like to continue your lessons you will then be billed for the four 30 minute lessons you have taken and for the next month of lessons. If you do not want to continue you will be responsible for notifying the office 24 hours after your 4th lesson. Otherwise we assume you are planning to continue and will bill accordingly.


If you decide to discontinue your lessons you will not be billed for the four 30 minute lessons you had.

* Only valid for new students.

* All lessons are held at studio location. Not valid for in home lessons.


Call to sign up today #747-200-5772